3 October 2019

Workshop – Learn to Program with Children – Materials and Tools for School Courses

Do you want to know how you can teach the basics of computer science in a simple and playful way at school or in extracurricular courses? Then this workshop is the right place for you.

In the two-hour course, materials and tools for use in class, in full-day courses and in computer science groups are presented.

In the practical part the concrete use of the materials is tried out and a common project is programmed. Central concepts of computer science and methods for communication will be presented and discussed.

The presented programming tools are web-based, free of charge and can be used without additional hardware.

The event will take place on October 18, 2019 from 4pm to 6pm at Q-HUB, Beckerstra├če 13, Chemnitz. For the participation no previous knowledge of computer science is necessary.

If you would like to participate in the event, please send an e-mail to info@code-it-studio.de. A notebook with a current browser must be brought along. If you have any questions, please contact Andreas Koch at 01525 / 7170432.