Our Vision

With Code it! we want to give all children the opportunity to learn programming in a playful way. In our digitized world, basic programming skills are becoming increasingly important – to understand and shape the world. To be able to teach children this essential knowledge, we create courses that are fun and easily accessible. With in our courses we want to show children how they can use technology independently and transform computers into creative tools.

How does Code it! work?

In our online courses children learn the basics of programming. We focus on their interests and convey programming through playful projects such as computer games, animations or a quiz. To make it easier to get started with programming, we use a visual programming language – Blockly. The children do not learn a specific programming language, but concepts that are used in all languages such as loops, events, conditions and more. For the course instructions we use videos and task texts. After each course step there is feedback and assistance in case of errors.

Besides the introductory courses we also build a maker area. There the kids can try out their programming knowledge and use it in practice. In the maker area we want to offer many different applications like building websites, controlling robots and hardware, creating images and animations and more.

How did the idea for Code it! come about?

We started with voluntary programming courses at schools. The need for such courses is very high – we had to decline many schools every year. Furthermore, we were not satisfied with the material available in German. We build Code it! To be able to create courses that meet our didactic and content demands: a slow introduction to programming and a playful approach.